Doing a Lay-Up

In EPE 317 we taught a 30 minute lesson to our peers. Our lesson focused on doing a layup while also adding a cardio-vascular element to the lesson. Below is the attached lesson, complete with a sweet diagram of the final circuit. Lay-up


Forces of Flight

Follow the link below for a mini-unit for Grade 6 Science on the forces of flight. Kim Thue. Mini Unit. Forces of Flight

Treaty Promises in Relation to Inflation

Lesson Plan By: Kim Thue Grade Level(s): Grade Six                          Subject Areas: Math & Treaty Ed Overview / Essential Question: (Big Idea) Are Treaties being fulfilled? Are promises being kept? Curriculum Outcomes: (the what) Math: SP6.1 Extend understanding of data analysis to include: line graphs. Graphs of discrete data. Data collection through questionnaires, experiments, databases, and … Continue reading Treaty Promises in Relation to Inflation