“Duke of the Uke” Learning Project Wrap-Up

When Katia first mentioned one of our assignments for ECMP 355 was to "learn something", I instantly knew I wanted to try to learn the ukulele. I had got one from my sister for Christmas and had yet to try to it out. This was a perfect opportunity. With no musical talent or experience, this … Continue reading “Duke of the Uke” Learning Project Wrap-Up


Strumming Up a Storm

This week I really wanted to work on my strumming. I've got the rough idea on a couple of songs in "You are my Sunshine" and "Three Little Birds". In order to be able to go beyond sounding like these songs and actually being able to play them, and learn other more difficult songs, I … Continue reading Strumming Up a Storm

Starting Simple

My ukulele is now in tune (or at least pretty close to being in tune) and I'm starting to learn a couple simple chords. The first chords that I'm putting together are C, G, A minor, and F. Progressing through chords is tough. Strumming is tough. That's alright though. On YouTube I again tuned into … Continue reading Starting Simple