This is our story.

In the first week of October, I signed up to help facilitate a blanket exercise at Campion College. It was my 2nd time facilitating a blanket exercise. The first time I did a blanket exercise, I was a European, who handed out scrolls. No speaking roles, but it was a good opportunity to get involved … Continue reading This is our story.


Every Child Matters

In 2013, Orange Shirt Day was born out of Phyllis' story. September 30th commemorates the day that children were taken to residential schools, and acts as day to combat racism and oppression. At Victoria Park here in Regina, community members got together for a reconciliation event called "Orange Shirt Day Walk". Orange Shirt Day I … Continue reading Every Child Matters

Treaty Promises in Relation to Inflation

Lesson Plan By: Kim Thue Grade Level(s): Grade Six                          Subject Areas: Math & Treaty Ed Overview / Essential Question: (Big Idea) Are Treaties being fulfilled? Are promises being kept? Curriculum Outcomes: (the what) Math: SP6.1 Extend understanding of data analysis to include: line graphs. Graphs of discrete data. Data collection through questionnaires, experiments, databases, and … Continue reading Treaty Promises in Relation to Inflation