Professional, Personal & Digital Goals

Kim Thue. ECS 311. Goals & Actions Plans.

Professional Goals

Try not to procrastinate anymore.

Action Plan – research and implement tips on how to not get distracted and procrastinating when doing homework. I don’t have any more time to procrastinate.

Ask more questions.

Action Plan – Instead of giving advise or spewing my opinion, ask more questions. Work on critical responses, where I don’t seek to be the expert, but instead promote more conversations with more questions and less answers.

Develop a stronger grasp of essential questions.

Action Plan – Continue to research and work on understanding essential questions and how to implement them in a unit plan and in the classroom.

Personal Goals

Get healthier, both physically and mentally.

Action Plan – Follow and complete 90-day workout program and eat less processed food

Connect more with my family.

Action Plan – Take time out of every day to be in the moment and play, be active connect, and communicate with my wife and kids, no matter how busy everything else gets.

Be more in the moment.

Action Plan – Instead of always looking down the road – in particular when our baby is coming and when school is done – try to enjoy and take in what is happening right now by being more mindful. Life will never be the same after today…

Digital Goals

Be less dependant on my phone.

Action Plan – be more aware of having my phone out when I’m around others. As with my other goals, work on being more present and that includes checking out social media less, when I could/should be connecting with others.

Be more active in social justice issues.

Action Plan – Use my Twitter account to research and support social justice issues. Don’t just take in, but contribute as well.

Update my Blog.

Action Plan – I haven’t worked or updated my blog in a couple months. I need to add some pieces to it, including lesson plans from last semester.

One thought on “Professional, Personal & Digital Goals

  1. Fantastic portfolio, Kim! Such a beautiful professional representation of your learning journey. It provides a viewer the opportunity to know who you are through postings, videos, resources created, instructional planning and professional goals. Well done!


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