Another Level

How do I take my commitment to another level? In order to become a justice oriented citizen, I have to be willing and able to start looking for answers and continue to look for reasons relationships in Canada are contentious. For the past couple of years, looking through a different lens has been key in my development as a person and future teacher. Seeing a perspective different from the one I have had for the past 30 years comes with struggles. It’s not easy and it’s not comfortable. However, it’s a journey that I’m proud to be taking.

In order to take it one step further, I need to start contributing more. I joined UR STARS this summer, and really for the first few months, was just an observer. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but I also want to start bringing some ideas forward. See what I can offer. At our last meeting, I attempted to speak up a bit more and contribute. In a couple of our classes, I has brought forward ideas that in the past I may have not had to confidence to say out loud. I have not sat in silence when I believe something needs to be addressed. While participating in Blanket Exercises, I have doubted that I could truly facilitate one. I am confident now, that I could at least give it a whirl.

Overall, what I’m getting at, is I feel like I am at a position where I can start to make a difference. Relationship building has been amazing and I hope to continue to build those relationships. I will continue to listen, but as well, offer whatever I can, even if it’s very little. I can’t just take. I’m not sure if that’s becoming a justice oriented citizen, but I believe it’s a step. The strength of people that I believe are at the forefront of being a justice oriented citizen are those that are constantly making and building relationships. That’s my number one goal moving forward.


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