Feedback for my Feedback

I received feedback for my engaged citizen blogs that have been done to this point. As we continue down the road we are as teachers, giving feedback to your peers remains an area that I think a lot of us might struggle with. When I worked in media, I always had difficulty when people in my department would give me work to “vet”. I always felt strange telling someone that their writing needs improvement or is missing something. Writing is such an individual act and each person has there own style, it’s hard for me to criticize their work. That being said, it’s important to look at someones work and offer what you can, especially if there is a rubric or specific guidelines that are to be followed. It’s a form of assessment which offers good practice for us as future teachers.

I’m a believer in feedback being much more important than grades. So, it’s important for me to attempt to give others decent, meaningful feedback. In the past, I may have just wanted feedback like “great job, you are doing real good”. While that’s nice, I know all my work can be improved. Meaningful feedback from peers can really help in that regard.

The feedback I received for my first few blogs offered a lot of “good job” and no real areas that I can improve in. Those are nice, but it doesn’t really make me think about anything is a different way. The one bit of criticism I did receive was about not having enough blogs. I had five blogs, feeling that they had to be meaningful, as opposed to just writing something for the sake of quantity.

I know it’s tough; I still struggle with providing meaningful feedback, while trying not to offend anyone. I do appreciate the feedback I received however, and will do what I can to use it moving for my final couple blogs.

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