“Duke of the Uke” Learning Project Wrap-Up

When Katia first mentioned one of our assignments for ECMP 355 was to “learn something”, I instantly knew I wanted to try to learn the ukulele. I had got one from my sister for Christmas and had yet to try to it out. This was a perfect opportunity.

With no musical talent or experience, this was tough at times, but I think I’ve made decent progress over the past two months into starting to learn the uke.

Tutorials on YouTube was the place to go for me. That’s where I found the most help, most of the time. Ten Thumbs Productions was the go to channel for me. They really helped me learn the basics for “You are my Sunshine” and “Three Little Birds“. Cynthia Lin is another decent channel I used, especially after learning some of the basics. I think Ten Thumbs was better for a real beginner, but Cynthia Lin was good once I started to pick up the basics.

I used a couple iPhone apps too. Simple Ukulele Tuner helped out at the start when I was clearly out of tune (you can hear how bad that was in one of my first posts). The Ukulele App was another one I used on occasion, but didn’t have a whole lot of luck with. As I learn more, this may be one to go back to, as the catalogue of music and tutorial’s on it is massive.

Those were a couple of the main places I went over the past two months, but in reality one resource helped me out over any of them, and really got me going in the right direction. That’s when I hooked up with Jacquie Walbaum for a lesson over Zoom. Jacquie is a great musician and a great teacher, and helped out a tonne. We live in different communities with different schedules, so being able to do it over Zoom was such an asset as well. Jacquie helped me with basic stuff like tuning and really got me started with my strumming. My favorite part of utilizing technology in this course was our online ukulele lesson.

I’m still just a beginner, still just learning how to play ukulele, and while this learning project is now wrapping up, understand that the journey is really just beginning. Maybe I’ll be the next Tiny Tim. Tiny Kim has a decent ring to it…

Anyways, I made a fun little video with iMovie about my journey over the past couple of months learning the ukulele. It’s called “The Duke of the Uke”. Hope you enjoy and I’ll keep you posted on new songs I learn over the next little bit..


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