Contributing to the Learning of Others


I’ll start off by saying the level of participation and engagement in this course was really great to see. Every day somebody was asking a question on our Google Community and at least one person would try to give some advice. On Twitter, class members consistently posted articles and resources, not to mention links to their own blogs, with other students eager to check them out and comment on.  The level on engagement was fun to be a part of.

As for myself, and how I tried to help out classmates, I took an approach of encouraging, more than anything else. In all honesty, that’s the way I see myself as a teacher. Not so much giving answers, but encouraging people to keep hammering away.


The comments above were in response to a few peoples learning projects. I’m sure we all found out how tough and frustrating at times learning something new can be is. I think it was important to just let classmates know that they are doing great, and to continue the process.

There is more to checking out a blog post and just giving the writer a pat on the back however.

It’s also important to remind people sometimes that struggle is inevitable and in most cases necessary.


It’s good to let people, no matter what issues they are having, to know they aren’t alone. I think we were able to see in this class that as a group, we shared a lot of the same issues and struggles. Sometimes we need reminding of that.

If someone is perhaps struggling with a concept, maybe giving another side could help clear things up a bit. I tried to do that with one of Jacquie’s blog post’s regarding commenting online about something like social justice issues.


I also thought that having a classmate expand on their thoughts could be a benefit for both me and them.


I tried to stay as active as possible on Twitter. Posting links to relevant articles and blogs was something I tried to do consistently. At first, this kind of worried me, because many of my followers follow me because of my history in broadcasting and I was worried about plugging up their timeline with teaching resources. Then I realized that I need to expand my network and my new network has to be centered around education. It doesn’t really matter what I used to do. So if my old followers don’t like what I tweet, I guess they can unfollow me. Anyways, like I said, posting teacher resources for my classmates, and retweeting their posts, was something I tried to do as much as possible during the past couple of months.


Bailie needed some help the other day on Twitter and it was easy to lend a hand.

Our Google Community was a fantastic place for classmates to interact. I loved the idea of going to each other to find answers. It’s really starting to build the idea of a online network and finding out how to utilize it properly. You may feel lost at times, but more than likely, you aren’t alone, and someone will be able to help out. I tried to whenever I could on our Google Community, although many of the questions being asked, I was wondering the same thing, so I wasn’t necessarily able to help out. But I could a few times.

Overall, I appreciate all the help I got from my classmates, and hope I was able to help them out in a small way during this course as well. I’ve realized the important of support and a community online and that is going to help me immensely moving forward.


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