“Do You Know Your Digital Identity?” Summary of Learning

Looking at past examples of “Summary of Learning” or “Final Reflection” pieces, I’m always so intrigued and entertained most by the students who put together some sort of song and/or music video. While appreciating those projects, I’ve never had the guts to do it myself. Their work is so good. I’m not sure mine could match up. Well, I gave it a shot this time around. I figured this would be a great chance to get out of my box a little bit and try something new, so I put together a little jingle called “Do you Know your Digital Identity”. It’s suppose to be to the beat of “No Sleep till Brooklyn”, but as you’ll hear, my rapping skills are seriously lacking. I had some fun with it though, and after the song, I went a little more in depth on a couple of aspects of the class that really stood out.

I put this video together using Splice App, but I am contemplating purchasing editing software for future projects. I enjoy editing, and doing it on my PC instead of my iPhone would make the process more enjoyable, and I think it would make the quality a lot better too.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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