You Are My Sunshine (in theory).

The first song that I tried to learn on the ukulele was Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. From my understanding, “Three Little Birds” is the most basic song for beginners. I’m no pro, and you may not be able to even tell that it’s “Three Little Birds” that I’m playing, but to me, it was steady progress and a big accomplishment from going from absolute point zero to this.

So after figuring out some basic chords, (C, G, A minor and F) I figured I should move on to another song now. Knowing those 4 chords can go a long way in the ukulele world I think, so I started looking.

Tanya Weller suggested I check this lesson out about harmonics. While I have progressed a lot in my mind, the lesson was to advanced for me. I need more on strumming and chords, but I appreciated the suggestion and will go back to it, once I am able to comprehend it.

I also got a couple of suggestions from Darian Kaszas, on a few places that helped her out when she was learning the ukulele. The first was Ultimate Guitar. Whoa, talk about a cool site. Think of a song, and it’s probably on there. Once you pick a song, you pick the instrument you are playing and they will give you the notes. I felt like this was a great place to start, to find a song that maybe fits what I’m trying to do, but I feel I need more tutorial at this point, than just seeing and doing.

That being said, I searched out a song that I sing to my daughters every night before bed; “You Are my Sunshine”. I don’t sing the whole original song, which is actually pretty sad, but just stick the nursery rhyme chorus. That’s a lot more fun.

Anyways, I checked out that sing on Ultimate Guitar and found 14 different versions, but like I said earlier, I needed more of a tutorial than was offered. So I went to another place Darian suggested, which was The Ukulele Teacher. This is YouTube channel has a lot of tutorial and I actually checked it out through The Ukulele App when I first tried out the uke, but figured I would give him another try. Before I could see if I had progressed enough to utilize The Ukulele Teacher (because early on he was to advanced for me), I found that he didn’t have any tutorial videos available for “You are my sunshine”. Bummer. I’ll maybe head back to The Ukulele Teacher for a different song.

In the meantime, I went back to YouTube and sought out a channel I had a lot of success with the week prior learning “Three Little Birds”; Ten Thumb Productions. It was a different person giving the tutorial than the last song I learned, but again, it was very well done. It was in a way that absolute beginners could understand, and really drove home repetition.

The chords were once again C, F, and G, so I have a decent idea about those. Although I can’t progress through them that smoothly, I at least know where they are and how to get there. The strumming for “You are my sunshine” was different though, so that’s taking some time.


I was able to pick up this song a lot quicker than I was the first. You may not be able to tell what it is, just like the first song I learned, but with more practice, I think I’m on my way to knowing TWO songs.


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