True Love

Most people as pale as you hate the sun,

So it is rather shocking that you love it a tonne.

Some may call you a hippie, a yippie or even a freak — which can be less than fashionable,

But the way you respect the land is nothing short of admirable.

I know your feelings about nature are complex,

Especially how you think Bishop’s Cap, Gaillardia and Moonwort’s are better than sex.

You have a soft spot for native plants in the area,

And if someone messes with those plants you can be rather scare-ia.

You recycle, conserve, advocate and even drive a fuel efficient car,

You are clearly an environmental star!

Our surroundings can be peaceful, beautiful and there is always different layers to discover,

It sounds like you and nature make a perfect lover.


2 thoughts on “True Love

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